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Watch Out For Leaks 

Let’s start out with the little things, which are often the most neglected. Do a periodic visual check under your sinks to see if there are signs of moisture. Constantly see if faucets are leaking or if there are signs of musky odor coming from it. Watermarks, rocking toilets, and even dripping refrigerators should never be neglected.

Once you spot a leak, make sure that there is no mold and mildew growth. Other potential signs of leaks include fissures, cracks, loose tiles around pipes, corroded pipes, and loose caulking around the tub, shower, and toilet areas. The hoses of washing machines and dishwashers must also be checked for cracks and leaks. Honestly, when was the last time you checked these? If you say only once during the last year, then you have to do it more frequently like at least once a month.

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Do Early Repairs To Prevent Leaks

This still has something to do with taking care of plumbing problems immediately. For example, if you find a leak, don’t wait for the following week or the weekend to have it repaired. Get a licensed plumber to do the repairs today or tomorrow and no later. Keep in mind that plumbing problems can be extremely deceptive. Can you imagine a pinhole resulting in a burst pipe?

Even small puddles that are seeping into the floor may be an indication of a massive mold and mildew growth underneath. Taking care of plumbing issues in a timely manner by doing the repairs early will help prevent costly damage as well as help you avoid the aggravation. So what should you do?

Your water heating system is something that you should pay particular attention to. Any sign of wear and tear, stains on the outer casing, or even the slightest leaking should prompt you to have it checked and serviced immediately. How often do you flush out water from your heater? This is important because it removes the sediment build-up and increases the efficient service life of your system.

Do you have a sump pump? These plumbing appliances normally wear out after a couple of years so do not expect it to last a lifetime. Once again, we go back to toilets, sinks, and drains. Make sure that these are all draining properly to avoid clogging. And while we are on the subject of drains, be aware of what goes down there. What belongs to the trash bin should never go down your drains.

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Shutting Off Water Supply To Prevent Leaks

You may be surprised, but did you know that there are many homeowners who do not even know where the water supply shut off valve is located? This is perhaps one of the most important things that may save your property from costly and damaging plumbing problems. Why? When the toilet, bathtub, or sink begins to overflow, cutting off the water supply will help avert further damage from happening.

It is ideal that every plumbing fixture in your home should have a designated shutoff valve. This helps to stop the water supply to a specific problematic area of your home plumbing system. The main water shutoff valve will cut the water supply to your entire home. When you are going on an extended vacation, cutting the water supply will prevent possible flooding in your home.

In relation to this, when you are facing frozen pipes, cutting the water supply can help prevent it from bursting. Prevention is something that must be done all year and not just when you are facing a plumbing crisis. The moment that you find a leak, turning off the dedicated shutoff valve will prevent the plumbing problem from becoming worse. If you spot a leak 

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