DIY Plumbing Dangers

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Plumbing

Trying to save a few dollars by handling plumbing repair jobs on your own rather than calling a professional can backfire big time, especially if an improperly installed device ends up causing an electrical fire or poisoning the air inside the home.

The main reason most people try to handle plumbing repair jobs without the help of a professional plumber in Wheaton is so that they can save some money, possibly because they are tight financially or they are in between jobs. What people don’t realize, however, is that residential plumbing is serious business and any number of things can go wrong if a job is not done correctly.

One of the worst things that a homeowner can try to do himself is to attempt to install a hot water heater. An improperly installed water heater can start fires, poison the air inside a home, or even cause an explosion in some rare cases.

Ferrari Plumbing has worked with people who tried installing water heaters on their own and failed miserably. Not only can most people not install water heaters on their own, but they can’t even tell if the water heater they did install is working correctly without the help of a pro.

Another device that people occasionally try to install on their own is the ejector pump. These can cause considerable damage to a house if they are not installed absolutely perfectly, since a poorly placed seal can cause sewage flooding in the basement and strong odors throughout the house.

The most common type of repair work that homeowners in the DuPage County try to do on their own is drain rodding. Unfortunately, this type of repair job rarely works out for homeowners because they do not have the proper tools. Although home repair stores like Home Depot sell snakes and rodding tools, they are actually a cheaper version of the professional grade tools that experienced plumbers use. These cheap tools rarely, if ever, get the job done. A professional drain cleaning can save pipes and eliminate long term problems that can potentially cause more damage in the future such as leaking pipe seams and burst pipes.

Whether or not a homeowner is going to be able to unclog his drain on his own will depend on how plugged up the drain is and how far down the stoppage starts. The better the quality of the snake he purchases, the higher the likelihood that a homeowner is going to have success in his project.

People commonly try to unclog their toilets without the help of a plumber, especially if they already have a plunger handy and ready to use at home. Ferrari Plumbing recommends that people who have plungers try to unclog their toilets themselves before calling a plumber in DuPage County, since it’s a chance for the homeowner to potentially save himself some money if he can get the job done right. For anything more serious though, homeowners should call a plumber immediately.

Ferrari Plumbing frequently gets calls from people who need a plumber because they tried, and failed, to handle a plumbing job on their own. By the time these people realize they cannot handle their repairs, they are usually stuck in a jam that necessitates getting a plumber out to the job site immediately—often late at night or on a weekend. This, of course, is going to end up costing them much more money than if they would have just chosen to hire a local plumber to begin with. From the homeowner’s perspective, it can be tempting to try to save money by handling plumbing repairs without a professional. However, the risks involved are rarely worth the savings – especially since in most cases, those savings don’t actually end up panning out!

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