Ejector Pump Costs

Is an Ejector Pump Worth the Cost?

Whether or not an ejector pump is necessary in a particular home depends largely on the home’s floor plan and design. Ferrari Plumbing handles ejector pump installations and repairs for many homeowners in Carol Stream or Lombard, Illinois.

People often do not need an ejector pump unless they have below ground bathrooms. Most commonly, this lower level bathroom is in someone’s basement. An ejector pump becomes a necessity in these types of settings when the basement bathroom, or any floor drain, is located at a height that is lower than the height of the sewer line leaving the home.

An ejector pump is used to lift the waste from the basement area, or any area underneath the main level, into the sewer line so that it can flow out into the home’s septic tank or a community sewer. Without the use of an ejector pump, it would be impossible to get this waste up and out of the house.

Although an ejector pump is not a necessity in all homes, it is certainly worth whatever the cost may be in a home with a lower-level floor drain or bathroom. Without the ejector pump, the bathroom would essentially be of little to no use, since the homeowner would not be able to flush the toilet or allow things to flow into the drains.

If a person moves into a home with a basement bathroom in Winfield that does not have an ejector pump already installed, they will definitely need to have one installed. Until he gets that done, he will not be able to use his basement bathroom whatsoever. The only reason why a person might not need an ejector pump installed in this type of scenario is if the home had an underground sewer that actually ran at a deeper level than the basement.

When it comes to choosing an ejector pump, the options can appear limitless. Just like choosing a vehicle, there are a number of different brands, models, and pricing options when it comes to ejector pumps. Ejector pumps come in cheaper varieties and more expensive varieties, although people should be aware that they will get what they pay for. A cheaper ejector pump may not come with as good of a warranty, for example, as an ejector pump that costs a bit more to buy. At Ferrari Plumbing, we install Zoeller and Ion ejector pumps.

A plumber should be able to help choose the ejector pump for a client’s home, since he will know exactly which features are worth the additional cost and which are not. Once the ejector pump has been installed, homeowners can expect for it to work well for the next six to 10 years.

The exact life span of an ejector pump depends on the usage, and people who use their ejector pumps less frequently can certainly expect them to last longer. Ferrari Plumbing recommends that people think of ejector pumps like cars—a car that is used only once a month will probably last longer than one that is used to commute to work on a daily basis.

The most common reason that an ejector pump would need to be repaired or replaced—aside from age—is if someone flushes something down the toilet in the basement that he shouldn’t. Items such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and toothbrushes can clog the ejector pump and cause it to fail. These items can get caught in the ejector pump, and a plumber will have to be called out to remove them. That is why we recommend that homeowners use common sense and not flush items down their toilets that do not belong there.

If something is wrong with an ejector pump, homeowners will know it. The most common side effect of a broken pump is the presence of unbearable sewer odor permeating the premises or any loud or strange sounds coming from your basement. At that point, a plumber will need to be called in for an immediate repair – and the cost is always worth it to get rid of those foul smells right away.

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