Sewage Ejector Pump Installation & Troubleshooting

To help your plumbing system run more efficiently, you may be considering an ejector pump. Wheaton plumbers, Ferrari Plumbing Inc., can help. Most homeowners and apartment owners know the frustration of backed up pipes and sewage, and some end up having to spend a lot of money to fix the problem, especially when it causes damage. .

A sewer ejector pump can prevent this from happening, and our certified plumbers have the training to install one for you.

What Does an Ejector Pump Do?

An ejector pump is a device that pumps sewage and dirty water from inside a home to an outside facility, such as the regular sewer line or a septic tank. Not all homes use them or need to use them; some let gravity do the job. However, many people opt for ejector pumps for their homes to ensure that there won’t be any backing up or clogging in their pipes. At Ferrari Plumbing Inc., we have experienced, licensed plumbers that can install and repair ejector pumps, as well as consult with customers on why, how, or where they should be installed. This type of pump is something that helps homeowners and apartment complex owners feel more secure about their sewage pipe systems, and it is something that can save them considerable expense in the long run.

We don’t just work with one type of pump; we are familiar with the different brands and have relationships with the different manufacturers, such as Hydromatic, Ion and Zoeller, so we can make sure to find the best solution for you and your situation. When you call for a consultation about an ejector pump, we’ll send one of our experienced Wheaton plumbers to assess your home, the layout of your pipes, and whether you have a sewer or septic system. Then we will recommend the best system for you.

If you already have a sewage ejector pump and it isn’t working properly, we can repair it or replace it for you, often updating the system to make it run more efficiently. We service the Wheaton, Chicagoland and DuPage County areas, and in addition to ejector pump repair and installation, we offer all general plumbing services, plus water heater installation and repair. We offer $30 – $50 off of any plumbing project, and we always provide free consultations.

Everyone here at Ferrari Plumbing, from the plumbers to the office staff, is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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