Plumbing Problem Risks

What are the Risks of Ignoring a Plumbing Problem?

Holding off on any type of plumbing repair work can create an even bigger issue that can cost thousands of dollars more to fix. From minor leaks to major odor issues, Ferrari Plumbing recommends calling a plumber immediately to get a consultation as soon as you begin experiencing any problems with your system.

Especially in today’s economy, many people are trying to save money by ignoring minor plumbing issues and hoping they go away on their own. Many clients we work with say they cannot afford to fix these types of problems right away, so they simply choose to hold off on calling a plumber. The truth, however, is that ignoring a plumbing problem could create a much larger and more costly issue in the future. The longer a leaky water heater or a failing ejector pump is ignored, the more likely it is that it will snowball into a major repair job. Eventually, there will always come a time when the homeowner cannot ignore the problem anymore. And it is during that emergency situation where the expenses are really going to begin adding up.

For example, the first stage of experiencing a leaky water heater is when the unit is losing a bit of water each day. During this time, the homeowner will most likely try mopping up a few spots on the basement floor. The longer the problem is ignored, however, the more moisture will build up in the basement floors and walls, and the larger the leak in the water heater is likely to become – until eventually the entire floor of the basement becomes flooded and a plumber has to be called in for an emergency job.

A flooded basement takes thousands of dollars to repair. If it is a finished basement, then the furniture, flooring, and anything else that was damaged will have to be repaired and replaced. In a non-finished basement, the potential for mold and mildew is a major problem that cannot be ignored. Allowing moisture to remain in the basement as the result of a leaky water heater creates a mold haven that could be putting your family’s health at risk.

This situation is going to end up costing the homeowner much more money than if he would have called a local plumber to begin with. Not only can a leaky water heater, when left unattended, cause mold and mildew to grow in the basement, but it can also create an actual issue with the structure of the home.

Another common plumbing problem that homeowners have the tendency to ignore are the smells emanating from their ejector or sump pump. If a sewer-like smell is coming out of the ejector pump, then that is a clear sign that the pump is no longer operating properly. As such, an ejector pump that is not working correctly will eventually back up and spew sewage through the basement floor drain or the ejector sewage pit.

Ignoring a problem with a sump pump or an ejector pump is a major mistake, because any sign of odor means that something is going wrong. The most common reason why an ejector pump would begin smelling badly in the house is if the base had rusted out. If the pump itself is no longer sealed tightly to the floor, that is a problem that is not going to magically fix itself. A homeowner needs to call a plumber as quickly as possible to get it checked out and repaired before that seal is allowed to further break away from the floor.

Although most homeowners know they should call a plumber immediately upon noticing a plumbing issue, very few do. The reason generally has to do with money, but the problem with that idea is that the longer they wait, the more expensive the repair is going to be.

Ferrari Plumbing will often come out to a person’s home and offer a price quote at no charge. If the homeowner expresses his concern about money during this appointment, then we will offer some free advice on what the homeowner can do on his own. Whether that is going to Home Depot and picking up some parts or repairing just part of the problem and leaving the other part for a later date, this information can prove invaluable for cash-strapped homeowners who are working on fixed budgets.

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