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Plumbing Faq’s: Answers To Your Most
frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

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The best and most effective way of solving your plumbing issue is to hire FerrariPlumbing. We have cutting-edge equipment and use only the tested methods to solve all of your  plumbing problems.

If you experience one of these signs in your home, you have a water leakage.

  • High-water bill
  • Loss in water-pressure
  • Sounds of water coming from walls
  • Sinkholes in your yard
  • A dripping sound.

If your toilet requires frequent plumbing requires, then it could be the right time to change your toilet. These signs can also help you know that you need a new toilet:

  • Ongoing leaks
  • You have to flush the toilet multiple times
  • Continuous clogs

We’ve listed a few reasons down below when your bathroom smell gets so bad:

  • Improperly installed vent pipe
  • Broken seal around the toilet in the wax ring
  • Odors from your sink
  • Buildup in the water-flow

We usually take toilets for granted until something goes wrong, and if not dealt with in a timely manner (with some technique) it could become a great problem. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you unclog your toilet. Remember Ferrari Plumbing of Wheaton, Illinois is always there to give you a hand.


With this simple tool, place it in the toilet bowl and then push it down slowly. Make sure to seal the plunger around the toilet drain, then plunge rapidly but be careful to not splash over yourself.  Finally, pull the plunger up sharply as you are releasing the air seal. By now you should see the water rushing down the drain freely.  Repeat the steps again if necessary.

The Snake

If the clog is deeper than the bowl itself, you can purchase the plumbing snake to unclog the toilet without using any chemicals. It can be pushed through the toilet drain and then you can grab the clog more easily.

There could be many reasons behind clogged shower drains but the accumulation of hair and soap scum could be the main ones. Long hair can easily block the shower drains and soap scum can make the condition even worse.

These are the most common causes of toilet blockage.

  • A jam in the trap
  • The flush valve seal is ineffective
  • Flushed wrong stuff such as wipes, cotton swabs, feminine products and etc.

This indicates that both the valves (inlet and outlet) must be replaced as soon as possible.

Humming and banging while flushing the toilet indicates several problems. For instance, using an infamous water hammer could be the potential reason which results in banging through the toilet. Other than that, a banging sound can also be produced due to the high water pressure coming from the pressure tank.

Drainage problems at your home can be due to clogging and old pipes. If you’re facing low drainage through your plumbing system, then it’s an indication that the clog or tree roots are stuck between the pipelines.

No, it isn’t normal and it happens when there is too much water in the tank which results in overflowing the water down the bowl. This condition can be fixed by shortening the refill tube and by lowering down the float.

Blocked pipes can often produce strange sounds such as clunking or rattling sounds. In such condition, you must contact our professional plumbing services.

Your plumbing system might require simple and straightforward fixes, but it always comes with a degree of risks as well. Doing it yourself without proper experience and the right set of tools can damage your plumbing system and make the condition worse. Therefore, it is the best idea to call someone who is licensed and experienced in this field.

If you’re calling your plumber frequently to fix your water-heater, it might be a good time to invest into a new water heater. Also, keep in mind, if your water heater is more than 10 years old, the performance of your water heater has now significantly decreased and you are not receiving it’s full benefits.

It all depends on the quality of your water and how much you use it. However, a good water heater should last for 8-12 years.

It should not be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit as it can be dangerous for you and your family. Setting the temperature higher on your water heater can result in skin burns and setting it lower will cause bacteria to form in the water heater tank.

Sump pump failure is a result of not maintaining it on a regular basis and improper installation. Identifying the core reasons behind this failure is vital as it can save you thousands of dollars and unnecessary headaches. We believe the most important reason of all is due to power outages and can be easily prevented by installing a sump pump battery backup system in your home.

Yes, if you are constantly dealing with leaky faucets or other issues, our plumber can install a new faucet in your bathroom.