Plumbing Problems

Telltale Signs of a Plumbing Problem

When it comes to plumbing issues, there are a number of telltale signs that homeowners should look out for to tell if their systems are beginning to fail. The most common signs that people should be watching out for are discolored water, strange noises, temperature fluctuations, and leaking pipes.

Of course, just because a homeowner knows that a problem is going on with his system does not mean that he necessarily knows what is causing that problem or how to fix it. These are the reasons why a homeowner would call a plumber in to inspect the situation and handle the job.

Nonetheless, there are some generalities among plumbing problems that can give homeowners a fairly good idea of what could potentially be causing their leaky pipes or discolored water, for example, even before the plumber has arrived at the job site. Plumbing problems such as a leaking tank, low-flow water, water temperature fluctuations, and discolored water could all be caused by a water heater malfunction. In Wheaton, issues involving a leaking water heater tank are most likely being caused by age, since even the best water heater cannot last forever.

People who live outside of the city limits face additional problems when it comes to their water heaters and other plumbing issues, since homes in unincorporated areas are usually supplied with well water rather than city water. Because well water has more sediment than city water—and also fewer cleaning chemicals in it—people who use it are more likely to experience problems with their water heaters. Homeowner who have well water generally need to replace their water heaters more frequently than those with city water.

Additionally, old water heaters also have the tendency to discolor the water in some homes. If a homeowner’s water is suddenly yellow or brown, then the most likely reason why is because of the age of the water heater. Some clients will call Ferrari Plumbing complaining that a sand-like substance appears to be in their water. This can scare people, because they certainly do not want to be drinking or bathing in contaminated water. The most likely culprit of that sand-like substance, however, is simply sediment. The sediment that is naturally in the water in unincorporated areas can get through the water heater and into a person’s pipes and faucets. For people in this situation, it might be worthwhile to invest in a water purification system.

Occasionally, we will get calls from people who say the water temperature in their homes is messed up. These people think that something must be wrong with their systems, but having water that is too hot or too cold is not a telltale sign of a plumbing problem. Rather, it is a sign that your water heater needs to be turned up or down. This is an issue that most homeowners can fix on their own, although some do need to call a plumber for help.

If strange noises coming from the pipes are an issue in your home, you are not alone. Hearing pinging noises coming from the plumbing is a common occurrence, and that it is generally caused by air that has gotten trapped in the pipes. We recently worked with a customer who said he’d been hearing a rattling noise in his pipes for months before he eventually called for help.

This can be very annoying, and yet most people do not call for assistance in dealing with noisy pipes until they’ve already been experiencing the problem for months. Instead of suffering, Ferrari Plumbing recommends that anyone who is hearing a rattling, pinging, or other noises coming from the pipes call for a Wheaton plumber as quickly as possible. There is no need to suffer from an annoyance like that when the repair is generally such an easy process.

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