The Best Kitchen Maintenance Checklist For This Holiday Season

Preparing The Kitchen For The Holidays

There are a few plumbing tasks that need to be completed before you can enjoy your holiday. The plumbing under the kitchen sink should be checked and any leaks repaired. Be sure to also check for plumbing leakages under the kitchen sink and fix them as soon as possible, since this is often where plumbing problems originate from. 

If there is anything else that needs attention in the kitchen, now is a good time to take care of it too. Replace kitchen sink plumbing with some help from a plumbing contractor. A plumbing contractor checks for leaks and replaces the plumbing under the kitchen sink if necessary. 

Ferrari Plumbing can help with all of your plumbing needs for kitchen maintenance, big or small. Kitchen plumbing is very important to have a fully functional kitchen. This holiday season plumbing under the sink or a leak can cause many problems and be dangerous, so it’s best if you do a regular inspection of your plumbing system to avoid any issues. 

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Let’s Prepare

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and plenty of delicious food. But with all the cooking and baking that goes on during this time of year, it’s important to make sure your kitchen is in top condition. A kitchen maintenance checklist can help you do just that. By checking off items on the list as you go, you can be sure that your appliances are in good working order and your counters and cabinets are clean and clutter-free.

Kitchen sink plumbing installation is a top priority if you have a leak or the plumbing under the kitchen sink is not properly draining. Some plumbing issues may be easily fixed by homeowners, but others should turn to professional services to ensure the safety and efficiency of their home plumbing system. 

During the holiday period more than any other, the kitchen is a focal point of frenzied activity, so here are some holiday kitchen maintenance tips. Well, the most important thing to remember during big holidays is to take deep breaths, relax, and have fun.

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Kitchen Maintenance This Holiday Season
Kitchen Maintenance This Holiday Season

Kitchen Maintenance Checklist For Kitchen Plumbing

Under The Sink

There are several places under the sink where it is obvious and important to locate a water connection. To be able to charge the sink with both cold and hot water is an added advantage. 

In kitchens with appliances connected to the sink, it is also a good idea to provide more water points. Plumbing under the sink is one of the most important things to check this holiday season. If there is a leak under your sink, it could easily turn into a plumbing disaster.

Leak under the kitchen sink can be one of the most frustrating plumbing issues you can encounter. Fortunately, it is also relatively easy to fix yourself if you know what all parts are involved in kitchen sink plumbing.

Water Filter / Reverse Osmosis(RO) System

An inlet water point should be located near the sink area for water filters, whether they are wall-mounted appliances or a filtered water tap. Health benefits can be derived from using high-quality metals for water purifier inlets.

Geyser / Hot Water Dispensers

You may need to consider where and how you will place a geyser if you plan on making room for one. A geyser must have one inlet point. To avoid salt deposits within the metal, one should use a good quality metal.

Behind The Refrigerator

There must be provisions for a water inlet on refrigerators, especially if the fridge has an ice maker or filtered cold water function. The inlet should be placed within the fridge cavity, and a mini stop tap should be put in place beside the inlet to ensure safety, especially in the event of a pressure blowout.


Knowing how to properly install the plumbing is essential to ensuring that the dishwasher is used to its fullest potential. Dishwashers are commonly installed under the drain of the sink. Each dishwasher requires a cold water supply. 

Some dishwashers may also require a hot water supply. To ensure that the plumber can position the dishwasher into the existing cold and hot water lines under the sink, the kitchen plumbing should be done in a manner that makes this possible.

A pressure-limiting valve must be installed on each of the water pipes that supply the dishwasher. Mini stop taps should make it easy to disconnect the water line when it needs to be turned off. In the case of fluctuating water pressure, a pressure-limiting valve prevents the system from blowing out. 

Kitchen Plumbing Services Near Me
Kitchen Plumbing Services Near Me

Cleaning Checklist For Holiday

1. Take The Time To Clean The Kitchen Counter.

2. Keep Appliances Clean

3. Cookware And Flatware

4. Get The Pantry Organized (Food)

5. Several Tips While You Cook

If you are done with your shopping, it’s time to think about the holiday cleanup. To help make this season easier on you and your family, we have provided a checklist of things that need to be considered before the holidays even start. 

Checklists are a great way to ensure that you’re addressing all the necessary steps and we’ve put together this kitchen maintenance checklist for kitchen plumbing as well as one for cleaning, both of which should help ensure your home is prepared for any holiday guest.

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